Welcome to the evolution of LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring and yet another acronym for all of us to remember.  EVP (engineered vinyl plank) is the new kid on the block and a hybrid product which is taking all of the strong features found in laminate, engineered flooring and traditional luxury vinyl plank and mashing them together to create this exciting new take on an already great product.

EVP is similar to LVP with a few differences that may lead this product to market domination in years to come.   Aside from the product being thicker and more rigid than LVP, it is most often labeled as a waterproof product and not “water resistant” like its LVP counterpart.  This most likely is due to the plastic core layer.  This makes it perfect for below grade settings like basements or slab homes with higher moisture content.  The product itself could remain unscathed if submerged in water but you will still have to be careful if it is installed over a wood sub-floor.  The wear layer found in EVP makes it the most durable in the LVP product line up. 

Don’t expect anything good to come cheap.  EVP can cost just as much as some of the engineered woods currently found on the market but you can sleep well at night knowing it will outperform every other product for years to come.  Cortec Plus was the first to roll out this new take on LVP and has seen great success.  The click together and floating application makes in easy to install and gives the most flexibility over existing conditions.  The product also carries an authentic look and feel to real wood which continues to get better and better with every year.

The team at Next Level Remodeling is happy to share some knowledge about this newer product.  It was introduced back in 2012 but is finally getting some more attention that we felt deserving to share.