Easy Steps To Transform Your Kitchen and Bath

Easy Steps To Transform Your Kitchen & Bath The two most used rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathroom. Keeping these rooms inviting makes a big statement. When the time comes to update and remodel, the expense may cause you pause. However, you

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Project Ground Rules

  Review the following questions with your contractor prior to construction:   If there are pets, where will they be kept during construction? If there are children, what rules apply to them around the work site during working hours? What dust containment procedures will the contractor

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Kitchens: What’s Old is What’s New and Visa-versa

 Kitchen Design: What’s New? What’s Old? So, you want to remodel your kitchen, and you’re looking for ideas. You’ll soon find there are millions of them. Perhaps, so many that the exercise of research just makes the decisions more complicated. There are no hard and

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Hainesport NJ Sunroom Addition

  HAINESPORT SUNROOM This 16’ x 20’ open sunroom / conservatory is not only an attractive addition to the home, but also provides a sense of balance to the structure. With full cathedral ceilings and hardwood flooring, it is filled with natural light during the

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WINDOWS in GENERAL When searching for a new home, windows are usually not a huge determining factor. As long as we can see through them, they open and close, and are reasonably presentable; little effort usually goes into research into their quality. Unfortunately, if a home

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IPE DECKING   IPE: Like teak and redwood, Ipe is popular for exterior projects for its appearance, its resistance to decay, insects, and water damage due to its high tannin and oil content. Also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood, ipe grows in tropical South

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The Home Remodeling Pre-construction Meeting

The Pre-Construction Meeting   As you anticipate your new kitchen, bath, addition, or other major home remodeling project, there is a crucial step implemented by most competent remodeling contractors. While the journey from first contact to final contract can be daunting, exhausting, and somewhat confusing,

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