Topping the Trends for 2013

kitchen bath remodeling south jersey contractor close up cabinetsIn today’s economic climate, homeowners will focus less on large scale remodeling projects and more on single room remodels or refresh endeavors to their kitchens or bathrooms.  Kitchen and baths are still expected to grow in 2013 and be the hot focal point followed by smaller growth in such ancillary spaces as laundry rooms, entertainment spaces, home offices and mud rooms.

According to recently released articles from Moen’s Market Research and Insights Group, five areas of home improvements will top the trends of 2013.  The trends Moen identified include:

Digital Dwellings-  The insurgence of technology into homes

Reinventing Again-  The growth of Boomers and the generational differences between Leading Boomers and Trailing Boomers

Cents and Sustainability-  The consumer mentality that green must be convenient, affordable and can’t sacrifice performance

Channel Surfing 2.0-  How hands-on digital media tools have permanently altered the path to purchase

Urban Uprising-  The living small concept getting bigger as revitalized urban centers draw more transplants

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