We have learned a lot this past year about family, home and health. With thepandemic causing everyone to be home almost full time there has seemed to be anincreased mindfulness to our surroundings and how we live in them. Many havebegun to think about how their home can start to impact the health of their family,both mentally and physically, because of all the new functions and roles the house hastaken on.

One thing that we know this pandemic has taught our designers here at Next Level Remodeling was to be more mindful about the materials we use when designing these interior spaces. In our search for better quality and healthier products we came across Sherwin-Williams new Living-Well Collection that features eleven new color palettes to choose from along with two new SuperPaint that provide sanitizing and air purifying technology.

With the home being transformed into a gym, an office, or even a classroom there are bound to be new odors that arise. The air-purifying paint can transform unwanted odors on a molecular level in order to eliminate the smell. This paint can be used on the walls or the ceiling of spaces that experience the most unwanted smells such as the bathrooms or even the kitchen. While one paint handles odors the other sanitizes those higher traffic and touch areas to prevent the spread of germs.

The Sanitizing SuperPaint can be applied to walls, trims and even doors in order to kill99.9% of bacteria that has come into direct contact with that surface in a two-hour period. One of the things we like the most about this paint is that the protective barrier can last up to four years, and you can regain its effectiveness just by reapplying one coat.
Our company is loving this new Living Well Collection and are grateful to be able to create healthier spaces for our clients to live in without jeopardizing cost or aesthetics. – Shannah Bowers (NLR)