remodeling rules  Review the following questions with your contractor prior to construction:


If there are pets, where will they be kept during construction?

If there are children, what rules apply to them around the work site during working hours?

What dust containment procedures will the contractor employ?

What kind of cleanup will take place at the end of each day?

What restrictions, if any, are there on your contractors’ use of your bathroom?

Is there a designated eating or smoking area?

Are there any parking restrictions the contractor should be aware of?

Does any landscaping need to be moved or protected?

What time will daily work begin and end?

Can work be scheduled on weekends?

If weekend work is an option, are there any special restrictions?

If there is an after-hours emergency, who do you call?

Who will you talk to about change orders?  What is the best number to call?

Who do you go with day to day comments and suggestions?


Special thanks to David Lupberger for the great form!