Our homeowner was looking to refresh and add to the options she received from her “custom home builder”.  We see this a lot in new home construction.  Homeowners are drawn to purchasing new for a number of reasons, but unfortunately, most builders in the area offer limited selections and the overall quality fall short.  Next Level Remodeling can work with your existing space and add a few key elements to totally transform your space.  In this case, we were able to replace the vinyl flooring with a large format porcelain tile.  We also replaced the existing island with a more elegant and functional design.  We carried the new cream cabinet color and faced an existing knee wall in the dinette to tie everything in.  The granite countertops accented by the tile backsplash was icing on the cake.  A few minor repairs were made to the existing cabinetry and we were able to salvage most of that material from the existing kitchen island.  Next Level Remodeling is creative and will come up with a solution no matter what you existing space looks like.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss your options.


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