Why didn’t I think of this???  What an easy way to create a dry space under your deck.  I love it and the company is based in South Jersey!


south jersey contractor remodeling decks


Easy to install:

  • Comes in convenient sizes to match your deck requirements
  • You no longer need to use a spacer
  • One additional tool required – a rubber mallet!


Easy to maintain:

  • Power wash up to 3000 psi;
  • Designed for the rain, sun and elements.



  • Dexerdry is the cost effective solution to under deck dry space
  • Dexerdry increases your living space and now gives you access to those areas under your deck.


Even more benefits:

  • Eliminate debris getting trapped between deck boards
  • Eliminates odors on ground level decks
  • Eliminates insect breeding grounds
  • Creates storage space
  • Dexerdry is made to handle the sun and elements
  • Made in the USA.