This new kid on the block is getting all the attention and with good reason.  Learn why the wafer, recessed light fixture is the way to go.

For years, remodeling companies and electricians have struggled trying to make their electrical layouts work in the field.  There are so many existing conditions that are usually covered up when an initial design layout is created.  “You must always make adjustments in the field to clear joists, duct work, plumbing, a buried body, you name it.  We have seen it all.” Says Kyle Matta with MGK Electric 

Unfortunately, many of the field changes that may be necessary are not always the most esthetically pleasing and sometimes result in an unfavorable layout.  Recessed lighting of the past always came with a rough housing that was installed in the ceiling.  Todays wafer fixtures are only ½” tall and will sit flush with the drywall on the ceiling.  They have a remote driver (the brain) that can be installed in a relatively close location but out of the way of any obstructions.

Lithonia WF4

This new kind of fixtures provides the flexibility designers, remodelers and electricians have been yearning for over the past 40 years.

I am excited to announce that the LED wafer light is now a Next Level Remodeling standard product and we will no longer be installing the recessed fixture of the past.  There are many size options for the LED fixture including directional gimbal lights which make this the very best product to present to our clients.  We will continue to introduce new options that hit the market that we feel could be a benefit to our beloved Homeowners. – Kyle Baptiste, Next Level Remodeling

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