Doug and Melanie from Marlton, NJ came to us because they wanted to remodel their kitchen.  They had been collecting a few images over the years and had a pretty good idea of what direction they wanted to take.  Their top goal was to utilize as much space as their current footprint would allow and also use finishes that screamed high end.  With some creative thinking, our Home Improvement Specialist was able to come up with a killer design that not only met, but exceeded their expectations!  Using our 3D rendering software, we were able to give a virtual walkthrough of their current kitchen and show them what the new space could look like.  After a few minor tweaks of the layout, Doug and Melanie gave their blessing to move forward with the final kitchen design.  Our homeowners were more than thrilled with the overall experience and they are in love with their new kitchen.  They have said that their new space not only looks a lot better, but it also performs like a kitchen should.  Everything has a place and every place serves a function.  They are now able to entertain like they had previously dreamed and cooking has become more enjoyable than ever.  Thanks to our team for their great work and attention to detail on this fabulous kitchen remodel.


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