Easy Steps To Transform Your Kitchen & Bath

The two most used rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathroom. Keeping these rooms inviting makes a big statement. When the time comes to update and remodel, the expense may cause you pause. However, you can transform your kitchen dramatically with a few well-chosen tips from the pros. Here we will share with you, small changes that make a big difference without blowing your budget.


Choose your must haves

The focal point in the kitchen and bath is the sink area. Dated and old faucets instantly age the room. This item will go on your must have list. Try a modern faucet from Maestro Bath for beauty and functionality. Now check the rest of the room. Are countertops in good condition? Can you get by without changing the floor? When you have your list of what must be replaced, you can purchase those items and begin the transformation on what is left.


Faux Baseboards

Trim and baseboards make a room look more expensive. That’s because wide baseboards are expensive.  But you can get the same look for much less. Simply attach trim 2” – 3” above the existing baseboard. Paint the baseboard, trim, and area between with the color of your trim. (white looks really good here). Your room instantly looks more modern.


More use for trim

Do not put that trimming away yet. Add some character to your bathroom by placing trim around the mirror and paint it. This upgrades and updates the bathroom. If the mirror is really large, consider putting a small shelving in the middle. Now your mirror looks like two mirrors, which is especially pretty over a double sink. Trim both mirrors and the shelves, then paint them all. The new wall unit and beautiful faucet give your bath an instant upgrade.



Entry doors do not have to be white. Instead, go with a dark color on the doors or even a bright color that matches the splashes of color you use to make the kitchen pop. By adding mirrors to the inside of the door, you give the room the look of being larger. Consider a smokey mirror trimmed with your color of choice for depth.

The Fifth Wall

People often forget about the ceiling. The ceiling of your room is actually your fifth wall. By painting the ceiling a warm color (think teal, blue, deep gray, and plumb) you create a wow factor unthought of.


Ceiling fan

Don’t miss the opportunity to create uniqueness by painting your ceiling fan blades. Paint them to match your room even trip them out with your contrasting color. If your fans look dated, change the light covers to something chic.


Curtains & drapes

Instantly enlarge the look of the room with window coverings. Instead of placing the rods exactly on the edges of the windows, move them up a few inches, add width by adding inches to each side. Add a curtain panel to each side and maybe a valance and you have the look of larger windows and no one can see the illusion.


Countertops – cover instead of replacing

Get rid of stained, chipped or ugly countertops by covering them. You can be creative with do-it-yourself stone or concrete or buy ready to use laminate at your local home improvement store.


There are many ways you can transform your home without breaking the budget. With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can have a unique and beautiful home that expresses your style and personality.