Drywall Levels





-Did you know that there are 6 levels of drywall finish recognized by the Drywall finishing council?  What level did your builder leave you with and where would you like it to be?  Although a level 0-3 would be appropriate for unfinished areas of the home like a garage, storage room, or utility area, a level 4-5 finish is desired for living or finished spaces.  Below you can decide which is best for you.


Level 0
No taping or finishing is required.



Level 1
Recommended for concealed spaces.  Joint tape over compound with the excess wiped clean.



Level 2
commonly found in garage, utility or storage areas.  The appearance is still rough, but all joints and angles receive tape embedded in joint compound.  All fasteners are covered with compound.  The key word is embedded in compound which differentiates Level 1 from 2.



Level 3
To be used when you are planning on wallpapering or using hand/spray textures. Level 3 follows the same criteria as Level two, but one additional coat of joint compound is added over the joints and interior angles. Fastener heads and accessories shall be covered with two separate coats of joint compound. All joint compound shall be smooth and free of tool marks and ridges.



Level 4
Appropriate when the final wall finish is flat paint or thin wallpaper.  Level 4 follows the same criteria as Level 3, but two separate coats of joint compound are used instead of one.  Drywall primer usually follows prior to paint.  This level of finish is most often found in new construction homes.



Level 5
Level 5 finish is recommended when using semi-gloss or non textured paint. In addition to work performed in Level 4, Level 5 receives a thin coat of joint compound over the whole surface of the sheetrock.  This will hide any small imperfections in joints and creates a flat appearance.    This is about the best quality offered and provides a very uniform finish.



Click Here to read more or to download a copy of Gypsum Association, GA-214 “Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish”